Building & Construction
     Building & Construction

    As early as the 1990s, our aluminum products have been widely used in construction projects in China and oversea.

    Until now, the door and window systems of thousands of homes continue to be composed of aluminum profiles produced by us.

    In addition, we have also been committed to providing high-quality aluminum profiles for construction projects around the world.

    Whether it is high-quality aluminum profiles, or gorgeous surface treatment, or a variety of processing, as long as you have needs, we can provide you with a full range of services.


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    Product Center
    Curtain wall
    The magnificent curtain wall building has become a landmark for major cities in the world.
    Curtain wall construction needs strong and reliable aluminum profiles as support.
    In this regard, we have extensive production experience, as well as world-class partners,
    Can provide solutions and services for you at any time.
    Doors and windows
    Doors and windows are essential elements in every house.
    The modern intelligent door and window system has effectively improved the ventilation and lighting conditions of the house.
    High-quality modern intelligent door and window system will make your home more tasteful and warmer.
    Shading system
    The shading system improves the indoor light distribution while saving energy,
    It also further enriched the architectural modeling and facade effects.
    Our aluminum profiles have excellent corrosion resistance and diversified shapes,
    Have unlimited potential waiting for you to discover.
    Infrastructure in cities
    The rapid development of the city is inseparable from perfect infrastructure,
    For example: footbridges, road lighting or indication systems, traffic platforms, highway crash barriers, soundproof screens, park facilities, etc.
    Our environmentally friendly recycled aluminum profiles can bring more green elements into the city.
    Civil engineering or construction
    Architectural engineering often uses materials such as aluminum formwork, fenders, and scaffolding.
    Aluminum profiles have become a good helper for construction worker due to their advantages of firmness, lightness, strong corrosion resistance, and ease of use.
    We can provide one-stop processing and assembly services for your engineering construction products.
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